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As financial institutions continue to fight against the rising costs of payment card fraud, it has been difficult for organizations to identify at-risk assets and to take proactive steps to prevent fraud. Instead, institutions often rely on card activity to indicate a potential problem only after fraudulent charges have been made.

But what if you could identify high-risk cards in your portfolio on which to take preventive measures to stop fraud before it occurs?

Gemini Advisory’s Fraud Intelligence solutions give financial institutions the information needed to thwart cybercriminals and reduce card fraud expenses through sophisticated, data-driven analysis tailored to your institution’s needs.

Our unmatched data collection not only generates extensive quantitative analysis of the underground carding economy, but also identifies trends. Our technology enables you to evaluate your fraud prevention efforts with higher accuracy by comparing current and historical statistical data with your most significant peers in the space.


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What Our Customers Say

Gemini Advisory is an important layer in fraud prevention in addition to compromise detection and authorization rules. I would definitely recommend this solution to any card issuer.
Senior VP

Fraud Analytics, Large US Card Issuer

Gemini’s structure and volume of data sets the solution apart from other vendors and gives us greater ability to work with the data, export the data, use visualization tools, etc.
Robert Erikson

Fraud Analyst, Swedbank

The reGemini Platform data has opened a new possibility for our card fraud team to act early and quickly on compromised cards, and do so without depending on the cyber-security team.
Nemekhbayar Luuzan

Cyber-security Administrator, Golomt Bank of Mongolia

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