A novel approach to the most challenging and ominous day-to-day problems arising from criminal underground and baffling Financial, Retail, Healthcare, and Entertainment industry.

Our Products

Gemini Advisory offers a novel approach to the most challenging and ominous day-to-day problems which arise from the criminal underground and have baffled the Financial, Retail, Healthcare, and Entertainment industries.

We believe that only by merging time-proven defense approaches with asymmetrical solutions can we contain and mitigate the ever-growing cyber risks.
Our proprietary software helps companies identify and isolate in real-time assets targeted by fraudsters and online criminals.

Pulsar Beacon

Our early detection and alerting service provides a reliable solution to the ever-increasing Account Takeover (ATO) problem and large scale “Credentials Stuffing” attacks.


reGemini Platform

reGemini Platform helps financial organizations monitor, in real time, assets portfolio exposure within the Deep & Dark Web, while providing effective tools to analyze and mitigate fraud.


Our Services

Undercover Operations

Deeply embedded in the hacking underground, our multilingual experts, who have years of experience consulting Fortune 100 companies.


Ransomware Negotiations

Our extensive profile of known criminal syndicates and lone actors involved in ransomware attacks and cyber extortion.


Brand and Reputation Monitoring

Our unmatched coverage of the cybercriminal underground allows us to conduct 24/7 monitoring for potential brand and reputation-damaging activity by malicious actors.



With online crime affecting everyone from enterprise-level corporations and the smallest family businesses to high-net-worth individuals.