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ecommerce scams and fraudulence prevention

E-commerce companies remain a large target with Magecart attacks and other digital skimming techniques frequently infecting retail websites to steal credit card details which are later resold on darknet marketplaces.

Often these infections go unnoticed for weeks or months, yielding cybercriminals a bounty of payment card details.

Through our Magecart Overwatch, Gemini Advisory scours the web analyzing websites for active infections. We are able to monitor active infections to provide a timeline of exposure. This insight enables you to take action to lower your or your partners’ infrastructure risk exposure from digital skimming attacks.

Prevent Fraudulent Charges

With this data, financial institutions can better identify cards in their portfolio that were exposed and take precautions to mitigate the impact of the digital skimming attack by preventing fraudulent charges. By proactively identifying infected sites, financial institutions can identify cards used on those sites, to implement fraud mitigation steps before fraudulent charges occur.

Acquiring banks can proactively identify and notify infected merchants to reduce fraud instances. By identifying infected merchants, banks can take steps to help merchants reduce exposure and reduce the cards affected that may ultimately result in chargebacks when the cards are used fraudulently.

Increase Security

Shopping platforms can monitor or alert individual e-commerce sites to secure their partners’ platforms to mitigate the impact of an infection.

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What Our Customers Say

Gemini Advisory is an important layer in fraud prevention in addition to compromise detection and authorization rules. I would definitely recommend this solution to any card issuer.
Senior VP

Fraud Analytics, Large US Card Issuer

Gemini’s structure and volume of data sets the solution apart from other vendors and gives us greater ability to work with the data, export the data, use visualization tools, etc.
Robert Erikson

Fraud Analyst, Swedbank

During the period 2019-2020 the number of cards being preemptively blocked and replaced have increased by 80 percent. The information from Gemini Advisory has very much been an important factor for this.
Kim von Shéele

Senior Fraud Analyst, Swedbank

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