Ingenious solutions to complex problems stemming from Deep & Dark Web

Let us help you outsmart adversaries and remain one step ahead of emerging cyber threats

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Our multilingual experts in threat intelligence, who have for years been embedded in the most hidden cyber-criminal underground, possess intimate knowledge of the underground economy. They are also well-acquainted with the jargon used by online criminals, and have accumulated the unique set of skills necessary to prevent and mitigate cyber risks.

120+ Million Data
points on compromised
payment cards
10+ Million
Compromised Ecommerce
account records
3+ Billion
Compromised login
13+ Years
of Underground
investigations experience


A novel approach to the most challenging and ominous day-to-day problems arising from criminal underground and baffling Financial, Retail, Healthcare, and Entertainment industry.

Our Products

Gemini Advisory offers a novel approach to the most challenging and ominous day-to-day problems which arise from the criminal underground and have baffled the Financial, Retail, Healthcare, and Entertainment industries.

We believe that only by merging time-proven defense approaches with asymmetrical solutions can we contain and mitigate the ever-growing cyber risks.
Our proprietary software helps companies identify and isolate in real-time assets targeted by fraudsters and online criminals.

Pulsar Beacon

Our early detection and alerting service provides a reliable solution to the ever-increasing Account Takeover (ATO) problem and large scale “Credentials Stuffing” attacks.


reGemini Platform

reGemini Platform helps financial organizations monitor, in real time, assets portfolio exposure within the Deep & Dark Web, while providing effective tools to analyze and mitigate fraud.


Our Services


Our reliable and affordable Intelligence Service offering is the best choice when maintaining an in-house threat intelligence team is not an option.


Finished Intelligence

Our finished intelligence program is delivered in the form of extensive briefing reports as well as weekly threat landscape summaries.


Our mission

At Gemini Advisory, we aim to bridge the gap between wide-ranging threat intelligence offering available to cyber defense teams and the demand for a very specific and actionable solutions required by fraud prevention teams

About Us

Launched by seasoned Subject Matter Experts, Gemini Advisory is specifically oriented to solve the most complex issues in an age of ever-growing cyber threats. From retrieval of compromised data, brand monitoring, covert actor engagement and ransomware extortion negotiations, our unmatched coverage of the underground communities hidden within the Deep & Dark Web, fused with years of experience in undercover operations, allows us to accomplish the most delicate tasks successfully.


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