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Gain near real-time visibility into newly breached e-commerce domains around the world. Our monitoring and coverage of breached e-commerce domains provides the full window of exposure from the time identified through to remediation.

Receive comprehensive, immediate, and actionable intelligence on compromised domains.

Access premium analytical research on Magecart skimmers, Magecart attacks, and identified skimmer domains.

Leverage thousands of criminal IOCs to identify active infections.

Track a breached domain’s full exposure window.

Identify parallel links between infections with our custom dashboard.

Receive daily alerts on newly identified infections tailored to your needs.

Empower your organization to mitigate exposure by notifying infected merchants or e-commerce sites linked to your organization.

Uncover Attacker Infrastructure

Magecart Overwatch detects malicious scripts infecting websites and reveals the attacker infrastructure, including attacker domain, exfiltration domain, victim site, country of registration, CMS version, Alexa Rating, and infection window.

Uncover Attacker Infrastructure
Real-Time Stream of Infected e-Commerce Sites

Access Magecart Overwatch’s real-time stream of newly identified e-commerce sites infected with malicious scripts and leverage the information to proactively monitor payment cards transacting at the infected sites.

Real-Time Stream of Infected e-Commerce Sites
Explore TTPs

Gain insight into malicious scripts. Read their code and discover their functions, discretionary measures, exfiltration methods, and preferred targets to understand the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) that cybercriminals deploy.

Explore TTPs
Stay Ahead of the Trends

Follow new trends involving Magecart attacks. Learn about the most dangerous emerging techniques as they first appear in the wild.

Stay Ahead of the Trends

What Our Customers Say

Gemini Advisory is an important layer in fraud prevention in addition to compromise detection and authorization rules. I would definitely recommend this solution to any card issuer.
Senior VP

Fraud Analytics, Large US Card Issuer

Gemini’s structure and volume of data sets the solution apart from other vendors and gives us greater ability to work with the data, export the data, use visualization tools, etc.
Robert Erikson

Fraud Analyst, Swedbank

During the period 2019-2020 the number of cards being preemptively blocked and replaced have increased by 80 percent. The information from Gemini Advisory has very much been an important factor for this.
Kim von Shéele

Senior Fraud Analyst, Swedbank

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