reGemini Platform

Developed from the ground up, reGemini Platform helps Fraud, and Threat Intelligence teams to have an unprecedented view into the state of the cybercriminal economy and allows companies to evaluate the exposure level of their assets portfolio accurately.

Applying our unique telemetry data, companies can measure in real-time the impact of their fraud prevention efforts on the underground economy, promptly identify compromised common points of purchase (CPP), significantly improve risk-exposure models, and lower fraud potential.

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Monitor Card Portfolio Exposure in Real-Time

Using our real-time intelligence, develop and implement the most effective mitigation strategies to counter the effect of payment card compromises and subsequent fraud attacks.

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Determine spikes in card prices

An unusual rise from an established levels of card prices on criminal marketplaces is a reliable indicator of increased demand from cybercriminals and often signal to vulnerabilities identified by criminals in fraud prevention controls.

Receive daily alerts

Get notifications about sudden supply increase of compromised payment cards, with precise geographical attribution and the exact number of exposed accounts.

cards in 24h

Benchmark against your competitors

Evaluate your fraud prevention efforts with higher accuracy by comparing current and historical statistical data with your most significant competitors in the space.

Compromised records
Factory Cafe
Compromised records
Insomnia Coffeshop

Identify compromised CPP

Using our robust data, promptly identify compromised common points of purchase (CPP) and significantly speed-up the breach attribution

Use Cases

Credential Stuffing Attacks