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Initially developed to help mitigate Account Takeover (ATO) fraud by online criminals, which victimizes millions of customers across the eCommerce, financial, travel and hospitality industries with “Credentials Stuffing” attacks, the service is now available to all businesses who are interested in real-time monitoring of leaked login credentials across various internet sources, including the most hidden Deep & Dark Web communities.

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Why monitor for compromised corporate credentials?

Timely detection of susceptibility to the cyber attack of employee’s accounts is crucial in order to minimize future incidents.

Since people tend to re-use their work emails and passwords across different internet services, malicious hackers have changed their tactics and now use random hacked data to identify vulnerable employees and to obtain unauthorized system access, intercept email communications, and to stage social-engineering attacks.

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Who should monitor for login credentials?

In the past, hackers primarily targeted large financial and retail companies, as that compromised data was the easiest to monetize. However, as large corporations have significantly increased their operational security and network defenses, malicious actors have also adapted to attack a much broader range of victims.

This year, organizations in every field including medicine, law, travel, software development, manufacturing, and energy have suffered devastating cyber intrusions.

If you expect that an attack by cybercriminals would result in significant financial losses to your business as well as damages to your business’s reputation, we strongly recommend monitoring for leaked credentials as the fundamental risk awareness initiative.

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Why Is Our Service the Best?

While we will always alert you to exposure by publicly known breaches such as Linkedin, Myspace or Yahoo, our primary goal is to notify you when your corporate credentials are exposed in smaller, unreported incidents. More than 90% of our data is retrieved from the most hidden parts of the criminal underworld by our world-class operatives.

Is Your Company Experiencing Ongoing Brute-Force Attacks?

We have developed a unique technology, which allows companies to minimize the effects of a large-scale account takeover attack. Reach out to our specialists to learn more.

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