With online crime affecting everyone from enterprise-level corporations and the smallest family businesses to high-net-worth individuals, access to timely and accurate threat assessment is crucial now more than ever.
Ongoing monitoring of the Deep & Dark Web for brand-damaging activity, compromised credentials or personal threats, provides vital peace of mind in today’s insecure world.

RFI On Demand

Criminals never sleep, and neither do we. When disaster strikes, there is no time for long procurement cycles or contract negotiations.

Time is of the essence, and we are here to help. Whether you need a long-term solution, which supports all aspects of business and cyber-risk monitoring, or one-time help from our experts, we are here for you.

Data Retrieval

With unmatched coverage of the cybercriminal underground, and a network of strategically placed, multilingual undercover agents, our team is on standby round the clock to help you locate and retrieve compromised proprietary data.

Actor Profile

Accurate attribution of the attacker is crucial both during the ongoing intrusion investigation and the situational threat assessment.

We can deliver comprehensive reports on a per-request basis, providing you with such information as the actor’s in-depth capability assessment, attack vectors, and other crucial indicators.

Company Risk Exposure Analysis

Highly detailed and accurate in-depth industry or company exposure reports will provide you with a vital assessment of past, current, and potential threats from cyber-criminal groups or lone actors, as well as recommended mitigation strategies.

Brand and Reputation Monitoring

Our unmatched coverage of the cybercriminal underground allows us to conduct 24/7 monitoring for potential brand and reputation-damaging activity by malicious actors, with specially trained teams ready to intervene at a moment’s notice.

Use Cases

Credential Stuffing Attacks