Finished Intelligence

Our finished intelligence program provides comprehensive visibility into the state of the criminal underground and covers a wide range of topics such as fraud methodologies, system vulnerabilities, criminal actor profiles, and the sale of compromised proprietary data.
The ideal turn-key solution to threat intelligence teams of different levels of maturity.

Priority: TOP ATM Malware Discovered A previously unseen variant of the “black-box” malware, which is capable of infiltrating the most recent models of ATMs have been discovered on ROOT forum…."

Flash report

Time-sensitive intelligence, vetted by our subject-matter experts and delivered to clients round the clock.

Actor: Skillz Competency: High Victims: Known Accomplices: Greg Lulz

Threat Actor Profile

Thorough research and analysis of threat actors, their attack methods, and a network of known accomplices. Profiles are delivered ad hoc or on-demand basis.

Priority: TOP The Network of 34 Hotels Compromised via SQLi Attack. Actor Zubr Solicits Help in Money Laundering of Stolen 2Mil USD. Priority: MEDIUM Monero Ransomware Affiliate Program Launched in the Dark Web." Actor Miami updated the web-injects targeting two Canadian banks

Weekly Threat Summary

The most impactful criminal underground developments uncovered by our expert team, which are summarized in an easy to understand weekly digest.

Use Cases

Credential Stuffing Attacks