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J Stash name is shut down as the largest carding place
January 15, 2021
Joker’s Stash, the Largest Carding Marketplace, Shuts Down

01 / 15 / 2021 Key Findings Joker’s Stash, the largest dark web marketplace in the underground payment card economy, has announced that it is shutting down.  While this marketplace was the largest in the carding space, it also exhibited a severe decline in the volume of compromised records posted over the past six months. […]

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Gemini 2020 cp annual report
December 17, 2020
Gemini Annual Report 2020: COVID-19 Shakes Up the Carding Market

Gemini Advisory's 2020 year review noted significant developments in the dark web underground market for payment card fraud. Demand for CNP records continued to increase, demand for CP records dropped, and new Magecart attacks, scam shops, and travel fraud schemes reacted to changing conditions under COVID-19.

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Black friday in chinese scam shops
November 19, 2020
Chinese Scam Shops Lure Black Friday Shoppers

Key Findings Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, fraudsters have looked for ways to turn the tragedy to their advantage through e-commerce scams, SBA loan and stimulus fraud, and COVID-19 related malware. Now, with Black Friday around the corner, scam shops are looking to cash in on alluring discounts targeting online shoppers.  e-Commerce scam shops operate […]

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Malicious emails target mail box with Email Appender
November 12, 2020
“Email Appender” Implants Malicious Emails Directly Into Mailboxes

Key Findings Gemini analysts observed a criminal actor advertise in the dark web a new tool called “Email Appender” that can implant malware-infected or tailored phishing emails directly into a target mailbox. By implanting the email, Email Appender bypasses email security platforms that inspect messages en route to their destination mail server. The software poses […]

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Gemini travel services fraud findings
October 27, 2020
Relaxed Travel Restrictions Bring Back Travel Services Fraud

Key Findings As COVID-19 travel restrictions are lifted, countries are opening their borders to tourists. The sale of travel services, both legal and illegal, is starting to increase, which opens more opportunities for cybercriminals to monetize stolen payment cards. The airline industry alone loses nearly $1 billion per year due to the fraudulent online purchase […]

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Dickeys gift card breach by Joker’s Stash
October 15, 2020
Joker’s Stash Breaches Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

Key Findings The Joker’s Stash dark web marketplace, known for advertising and uploading major breaches containing millions of compromised cards, has uploaded its latest breach, titled “BLAZINGSUN.” Gemini Advisory determined that the compromised point of purchase (CPP) was Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, a US-based restaurant franchise. Dickey’s operates on a franchise model, which often allows each […]

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